Our name comes from the Sanskrit word "Atman" that means "essence, soul".

We believe that how we feel about ourselves on the inside is the most defining essence of what others experience of us on the outside. At Atma, our goal is to better reflect our clients ́inner beauty on the outside, which in turn elevates the way they feel about themselves, making them more beautiful inside and out.

Atma is very personal to us.

We wanted Atma to be a welcoming, creative space where our friends and clients feel so good that the "they just want to hang out there". We also wanted to create the interactive energy of a NYC loft. The result is a luxurious but comfortable open floor plan with 30 Ft ceilings and seating areas purposefully scattered around the space where people can just sit, hang out and have a glass of wine.

We are so excited to share Atma with you.

Please come and get to know us and enjoy our space.